10 Party Cake Ideas to Make any Party Great!

10 Party Cake Ideas to Make any Party Great!

Our aim is to ensure that our customers have a wonderful and memorable moment with our custom made cakes. We have a wide range of cakes and are sure that you will find the perfect cake, be it for a birthday or a wedding or any other special occasion cakes on our website. With our unparalleled customer service and irresistible cakes, we are sure to win your hearts. We can work together in creating a cake of your choice. You can let us know your preferences and our cake artists will create a wonderful cake for you.On the other hand, you may also choose from a plethora of designs and style and select the most suitable party cake only from our website. Mentioned below are some of our most ordered cakes. Go ahead, scroll down to know more.

1. Chocolate Cake

Chocolate Cake

This is a classic chocolate cake with a modern twist. Every bite is filled with the delicious taste of chocolate and we are sure you will definitely ask for more. This cake can be ordered for a birthday, anniversary or even a family get- together. You can even send it across to a loved one staying far away from you and surprise him/her. You can personalize the cake by including a lovely message for your loved one.

2. Joined Heart Cake

Joined Heart Shape Cake

A wedding brings two people together , so why not opt for this joined heart shaped cake on your anniversary? Your partner will surely understand your emotions behind this thoughtful cake. We specialize in all special occasion cakes and create the perfect cake for your special day. Placing your order is simple and you can send the cake to your loved one too. We deliver cakes in over 100 cities in India. Be assured of the quality.

3. Birthday Cake

Cake and Teddy for The Perfect Birthday

We very well know that your child is a blessing and is the most special person in your life. So why not make his/her birthday a special day with this perfect package? This special package comprises of an amazing pineapple cake , a 6 six inch teddy bear that can be cuddled by your toddler, an elegant birthday card and a pack of candles. Isn’t this reason enough for this cake to be ordered? Find some really interesting party cakes on our website. We are sure you won’t be disappointed.

4. Three Tier Vanilla Cake

three tier Vanilla Cake

If you have planned a big surprise party for your loved one, then this cake must be present too! The cake is made up of the time and tested Vanilla flavour topped with edible flowers on each tier. Doesn’t it make for a lovely picture? Also available in pineapple flavour, this cake will entice your guests for sure. The cake can be part of a birthday party, a house warming party or an anniversary party. Hurry, order this cake today!

5. Chocolate Truffle Cake

Chocolate Truffle Cake

Well, today people want to celebrate every small occasion, be it buying a new car or even a mobile! People want to get away from their stressed life for some time and enjoy with their friends and loved ones. This is the sole reason why the market is flooded with numerous special occasion cakes offering you a variety to pick the best.This Chocolate truffle cake decorated with curved tangles is simply a treat for your loved ones. Buy it online and celebrate with your loved ones.

6. Barbie Doll Cake

Barbie Doll Cake

Barbie is every girl’s dream doll. Imagine your girl’s happiness when you buy her this special Barbie cake on her birthday! Watch her beaming and praising you among her friends. Available in pineapple flavour, this cake can be tailor- made to suit your requirements.Our cake artists are well aware of the repercussions of not preparing it according to your girl’s wishes. The onus is therefore on us to give you the best. You can also avail the midnight delivery option to make your princess’ birthday even more special.

7. Dual Flavour Cake

Dual Flavour Cake

Add double the amount of fun to your party with our special dual flavour cake. The cake can be customized and flavours be added as per your choice and requirements.This is an all time favourite party cakes and is suitable for any occasion. Available in round shape, this cake is simply mouth-watering and will tickle your taste buds. We are sure you cannot resist this cake. We are well known for our timeliness and on –time delivery. What are you still thinking? Order the cake today!

8. Heart Shape Strawberry Cake

Heart Shape Strawberry Cake

A heart shaped cake combined with strawberry flavour can never go wrong! Surprise your wife or girl friend with this beautiful and mesmerizing cake.Perfectly decorated and topped with edible flowers, this cake is sure to make your heart skip a beat. We make sure to use fresh and high quality ingredients so that you can relish the cake and have a memorable time with your loved ones. You can also send it to a dear one living in another city . We will deliver it on time and not let you down.

9. Two Tier Chocolate Truffle Cake

Two Tier Chocolate Truffle Cake

Did you just say, wow? Well, it is more than just wow! This two tier chocolate truffle cake is sure to melt in your mouth and have a lingering taste. This cake is perfect for a small get-together with family and friends. You can order this cake and make your occasion a special one. You can go through our website for more choices on special occasion cakes and place your order. We customize the cake for you. You can let us know about your requirements and leave the rest to us.

10. Photo Cake

Photo Cake

This cake is most ordered as it gives you the flexibility of placing a photo of your choice on this delicious cake. This creamy and attractive cake can be ordered all round the year and for any occasion. Cakes bring life to any party and makes the occasion a memorable event for years to come. Our party cakes are unique in style and taste too as our cake artists are very passionate about creating the best for you.

How can I order special occasion cakes for my party?

If you are looking to celebrating a special occasion like Christmas, Anniversary, Vanlentines Day, Mothers Day and Birthdays, you can now order cakes online from our website. We have delicious party cakes to suit all ocasssions. Just visit our website or speak to our friendly customer service team to book the perfect cake for your special occasion.

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