17 Best Sweets and Chocolates to Gift on any Occasion

17 Best Sweets and Chocolates to Gift on any Occasion

Have you ever seen a festival in India without sweets? In the Indian household, sweet is the centre piece of every celebration. Any occasion is rather incomplete with a mouthful of delicate Indian sweets. So if you are looking for a gift for a loved one, you can always send sweets to India in order to add to the festiveness.

Indian desserts and sweets are mostly made of milk, sugar and khoya. A meal is not considered complete without a bit of sweet. With complete love and affection indianbakers.com vow to delivery anything from Gulab Jamun’s to ladoo’s right to your doorstep.

In addition to sweets, you can also send chocolates to India online. In this way, birthdays and special occasions can be celebrated with your loved ones enjoying delicious sweets and chocolates.

Due to limited time in hand, it becomes quite difficult to pick sweets from traditional shops. Indian bakers understand this very well and hence for the first time have offered free delivery option when you book your order online to send chocolates and sweets to anyone in India.

This article aims to get you 20 best sweets and chocolates you can send to your dear ones online!

Gift ideas with Sweets

Now sending sweet to India is so easy, just logon to indianbakers.com and send some of the most loved sweets to your family and friends

Rasgulla: Rasgulla

Rasgulla is a delicacy from Bengal. Spongy white balls are dipped in to sugary syrup that enchases the taste and creates a delightful look. N.C Das from Kolkata has invented this sweet in 1868. However, popularity of the sweet is still intact.

Motichur Ladoo: Motichur Ladoo

As a part of celebration Motichur Ladoo is a must for any Indian wedding and other auspicious occasion.

Besan Ladoo: Besan Ladoo

Ladoo can be made from Besan in addition to Motichur. Besan ladoos are quite popular among children. They are a great option for just about any celebration.

Mewa Bite and Dry Fruits: Mewa Bite and Dry Fruits

If you like to send sweets to India then a great option can be presented with a combination of Mewa Bite and Dry Fruits.

Gulab Jamun Gulab Jamun

Complete delight can be seen in the faces of people whether it is Diwali or Eid with the gift of Gulab Jamun. Gulab Jamun is very different from Rasgullas. They are fried before soaking in to sugar syrup infused with Kewra, green cardamom, saffron and rosewater.

Kaju Roll: Kaju Roll in Tray

Kaju or cashew is one of the most favoured dry fruit in India. Therefore, modern sweet makers have infused cashew with Khoya to form Kaju Rolls.

Kaju Kesar Katli: Kaju Kesar Katali

Kaju katli is the most famous sweet consumed as a cashew delicacy in India. It has a distinct diamond shape. When Kesar is infused with the kaju katli it is calld Kesar Kaju Katli

Badam Burfi: Badam Burfi

In the form of Burfi, a composition of sugar and condensed milk is cut with flavours of Badam. It is generally considered as a sweet from North India.

Pista Roll: Pista Roll

Pista is quite a rich dry fruit. When Pista is infused with sweetened khoya it gives a distinguished flavour. The look of a Pista Roll is quite extra ordinary.

Gift Chocolates to your loved ones

Chocolates are a great alternative to sweets. The young at heart prefer to send chocolates online to their loved ones all over India.

Golden Bouquet of Ferrero Rocher: Golden Bouquet of Ferrero Rocher

Delightfully presented Ferrero Rocher Bouquet is a must send item this festive season! What’s better than having a bouquet which you can eat !

Ferrero Rocher Gift Hamper: Ferrero Rocher Gift Hamper

Beautifully presented Ferrero Rocher gift hamper is a heart winner.

Mix Gift Hamper of Roses Chocolates n Teddy: Mix Gift Hamper of Roses Chocolates n Teddy For Birthdays, it can be considered “The best gift”. A birthday gift can’t get better than this.

Chocolates with Smiles: Chocolates with Smiles Bring smile to some ones face, try these Chocolates with Smiles! A very smiley gift indeed!

Mix Chocolate Basket: Mix Chocolate Basket If you are not sure which chocolate to gift, why not try this mix chocolate basket which has a large variety of some of the most loved chocolates

Chocolate Hamper: Chocolate Hamper A bouquet wrapped in a red paper can be given to just about anyone you love. The golden chocolates go so well with the dark pin roses.

Heart Shaped Chocolates Box:

Heart-Shaped Chocolates Box

Chocolate can be delivered in a heart shaped box to show that your heart belongs to your beloved. Aww that a beautiful way to express your love.

Full Of Chocolates: Full Of Chocolates A box which is full of chocolates! Wow! Send full box of chocolates to India.

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