Buy Orchids Online – Care Tips for Cut Orchids

Buy Orchids Online- Care Tips for Cut Orchids

Just like diamonds are precious, orchids are precious in the flower world. There are several types of orchids available and they are really difficult to ignore. Orchids can definitely liven up your spirit and add vitality to your room. With improving life standards, you can easily buy orchids online and also send orchids online with just a click of the mouse! However, the recipient will need to take care of the orchids in order to last longer and appear fresher. We give you some tips to take care of your Orchids and enjoy its beauty for a long time.

Buy Orchids Online- Care Tips for Cut Orchids

Tip1: It will be interesting to know that there are over 30,000 species of orchids available and the care will depend upon each species. Therefore, it becomes important to speak to your florist/online vendor and ask about how exactly you should take care of your orchids.  The care you take of the orchids will determine its longevity.

Tip 2: Once you send orchids online, the recipient must open the box carefully and handle the flowers in such a way that there is no damage caused to the stems or the flowers. Remove the wraps and water vials carefully. Vials are used to keep the flowers fresh during the transit. Spray some water mist on the blooms to perk them up. Alternatively the recipient can make use of wet hands or gloves to handle these fragile flowers.

Tip 3: Next, the stems should be cut at an appropriate angle before placing them in a vase. Ideally, you should make use of sharp scissors or knife to cut off one inch from the base of the stems. This will allow the orchids to absorb maximum amount of water.

Tip 4: Half fill your vase with clean and fresh water, and then arrange the flowers. Care must be taken to ensure that the flowers are kept away from direct sunlight and heat. The flowers will last longer when kept in temperatures of about 10- 15 degree Celsius. However, ensure that these orchids are not kept in temperatures cooler than the above mentioned. You can buy orchids online and make your living room welcoming to your guests. Its mild scent will also keep you in good spirits.

Tip 5: It is also recommended that you change the water twice a week and trim the stems too. One useful tip while handling the orchids is: squirt little water on the blooms to instantly refresh them and make them look beautiful again. However, be careful and avoid over doing this procedure as too much water can cause the petals to wilt.

Tip 6: It may happen that the flowers start to droop due to the transit. Don’t lose heart. All you need to do is trim the stems of your fresh cut orchids and place them in water that is about 40 degree Celsius to perk them up and regain its original beauty.

From where can I Buy Orchids Online?

Fresh cut orchids are the best gift you can give your loved one. Buy orchids online from IndianBakers and surprise your loved one by sending him/her. By following the above mentioned tips you can be assured of the longevity of the flowers and admire its beauty for a longer duration. Go ahead send orchids online and bring a smile on your loved one’s face.

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