Where Can I Get 3D Cakes in Mumbai?

Having fun time with loved ones is what everyone wishes for and cutting a cake on such special occasions only doubles up the fun. If you have been looking for some interesting 3D cakes in Mumbai, then you have landed at the right place! We have a wide range of 3D and designer cakes all under one roof! A 3D cake can be of any shape round, square, heart , rectangle,etc and has 3D artwork on top. You can get a variety of flavours and fillings of your choice without any stability problems. We have the perfect cake for your special occasion. We are sure that you will find the best designer cakes in Mumbai only on our website. Check out some of our interesting and creative cakes that you can select and order.


Corporate Party Cake Ideas from Online Cake Shop Mumbai

Life in a corporate can be hectic with client meetings, sales pitches, events ,parties..phew..the list is endless. A great way to unwind and celebrate is by ordering a cake from online cake shop Mumbai and have a blast! We offer a wide variety of cakes for all your corporate needs under one roof. You can choose from a wide variety of cakes which are exclusively created, impeccably presented and delivered fresh at your doorsteps. You will find all the trending flavours such as vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, pineapple etc both in eggless and with egg variety on our website.We help you get the most delicious and enthralling cake for your corporate event. You can even promote your business the cake way! We have listed our 10 best types of corporate cakes that you can easily order and celebrate with your team. (more…)

20 Unique Birthday Cakes –Arrange Birthday Cake Delivery Today!

Birthdays are special occasions meant to be celebrated with family and friends and if it is a kid’s birthday party ,it is all the more fun. We have several varieties of cakes on our website that you can easily choose and order. So, why wait? Book your online birthday cake and arrange Birthday Cake Delivery today!
Some of our favourite cakes have been listed below.


20 Best Wedding Anniversary Cakes in Mumbai

Spending your life with a partner is the best way to lead your life. A Wedding anniversary is one such special occasion to show how much you love your partner. Apart from showering your partner with gifts, a special cake with your names on it will only add to the moments making the anniversary very memorable. Check out some of our wedding anniversary cakes that you will surely want to have for your anniversary.


15 Party Cakes and Special Occasion Cake Recipes

No matter what the occasion is,it is best celebrated with friends and family and of course, cutting of a cake! Be it a birthday party , a promotion party or just a small celebration, cutting of the cake make the occasion extra special! We have a wide range of party cakes on our website that is sure to make your mouth water. Find the best and order your cake today! You will also love it more as the cakes are fresh and reasonably priced and Delivered Free across 100 cities in India. Here are few of our most loved Party cake recipes for all special ocasssions.

Online Roses Delivery for Every Occasion

A rose is known as the ‘Queen of flowers’ and ‘King of Flowers too. This is due to the fact that it has both the qualities- majestic and powerful like a king , graceful and beautiful like a queen. Roses are known for its fragrance and is the most loved flower. It may be interesting to note that no garden is complete without roses, plus it can be gifted or used on any occasion from birth to death.The Internet today, has become a powerful tool and can be used for online shopping and online roses delivery. You can find roses arranged differently for different occasion in an online store. Roses can be sent on any occasion. In this article we have listed out the type of rose arrangement which will suit a particular occasion. Keep reading.