Online Birthday Cakes for Husband

We understand, your husband means the world to you and his birthday even more special. Why not surprise your husband with cakes from IndianBakers. You can order online birthday cakes at your convenience and it takes us no time to create a special cake for your husband. We have a great collection of cakes that you would love to surprise your husband with.


20 Unique Birthday Cakes –Arrange Birthday Cake Delivery Today!

Birthdays are special occasions meant to be celebrated with family and friends and if it is a kid’s birthday party ,it is all the more fun. We have several varieties of cakes on our website that you can easily choose and order. So, why wait? Book your online birthday cake and arrange Birthday Cake Delivery today!
Some of our favourite cakes have been listed below.


Easy Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting

Enjoy this scrumptious carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. Very rich and delicious! For the health conscious you can enjoy this cake without the cream cheese frosting. Nutmeg give a distinct flavor to the recipe. If you don’t like nutmeg then cinnamon powder goes well with carrot cake.


Easy Milk Cake Recipe

Find your perfect cake recipe with our easy to bake milk cake. Add a bit of persona ltouch to baking this cake for a special occasion.
This Milk cake is a perfect for Birthday. So rich,that it surely takes any special occasion to a whole new level and becomes family's favorite homemade cake.
This yummy cake is very easy, and the best dessert ever that can be prepared quickly with few ingredients. Take a look at our Easy Milk Cake recipe

50 Birthday Cake Ideas For Kids

Here are 50 Birthday Cake Ideas for Kids. These Birthday cakes for kids are available on our website for delivery in Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi and many other cities in India. We also sell Baby cakes online. Visit our website to arrange Free Delivery of birthday cakes for kids in Chennai!