10 Party Cake Ideas to Make any Party Great!

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15 Party Cakes and Special Occasion Cake Recipes

No matter what the occasion is,it is best celebrated with friends and family and of course, cutting of a cake! Be it a birthday party , a promotion party or just a small celebration, cutting of the cake make the occasion extra special! We have a wide range of party cakes on our website that is sure to make your mouth water. Find the best and order your cake today! You will also love it more as the cakes are fresh and reasonably priced and Delivered Free across 100 cities in India. Here are few of our most loved Party cake recipes for all special ocasssions.

Easy Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting

Enjoy this scrumptious carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. Very rich and delicious! For the health conscious you can enjoy this cake without the cream cheese frosting. Nutmeg give a distinct flavor to the recipe. If you don’t like nutmeg then cinnamon powder goes well with carrot cake.


Easy Milk Cake Recipe

Find your perfect cake recipe with our easy to bake milk cake. Add a bit of persona ltouch to baking this cake for a special occasion.
This Milk cake is a perfect for Birthday. So rich,that it surely takes any special occasion to a whole new level and becomes family's favorite homemade cake.
This yummy cake is very easy, and the best dessert ever that can be prepared quickly with few ingredients. Take a look at our Easy Milk Cake recipe